Our legal services are designed to provide you collaborative and competant legal

represenation that will protect your business now and mitigate the risk as you head into the future.

We offer flat fees, realistic monthly retainer fees, tailored legal launch packages, and payment plans.

All designed to fit the resources of fashion designers, creative entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 



You need to form a legal entity to protect your personal assets. We will strategize the legal structure - corporation, s-corporation, or limited liability company - that best fits your business. We'll draft the necessary paperwork, agreements, and licenses, then file and register it to properly form your legal entity. We will also talk with you about how to operate your business properly to maintain its legal shield.



It is important to set the foundation for your business collaborations. Whether you are hiring a consultant, employee, or intern, licensing your work, seeking financing, obtaining sales representation, or entering into a join venture, a meaningfully drafted contract can strengthen the relationship by setting out the expectations, rights and duties. It will also be the you need blueprint to resolve problems if things go wrong. We will talk with you about your goals and needs, and then draft you a contract that will achieve those objectives and protect your interests.



It is important to to read and understand the fine print of a contract before you sign it. We will review the agreement, talk with you about it to make sure you fully understand it, answer your questions, discuss negotiation strategies, and revise the document to make sure that it achieves your goals and protects your interests.



Litigation and legal questions arise that have significant impact on your growth. Our prepaid, general counsel services afford you monthly "check-ins" to answer your legal questions and the issues you need solved. We can provide professional legal guidance on litigation, general corporate matters, contract review and negotiation, intellectual property, legal research and advice on a specific issue, and strategic execution of business goals and objectives. 



Your intellectual property is one of the most important investments you will make at the start-up phase. We'll analyze your intellectual property and create both an initial and long-term strategy to protect your intellectual property assets based on your launch and projected growth. Then, we will secure your trademarks and copyrights.  We charge flat fees and our IP schedules include:

  • Your choice of searches ranging from basic to comprehensive

  • Preparation and filing of word/design mark applications

  • Copyright registrations of your artistic creations

  • Patent consultations, patent applications (design and utility), and provisional patents.



When you are launching a fashion product or film, the legal affairs seem complicated and endless. Our legal launch packages are tailor made to comprehensively & cost effectively lay the legal foundation for your creative venture.  Our standard legal launch package includes:

  • Registered agent services

  • Entity formation

  • Intellectual property assignment

  • Obtaining your EIN number

  • Obtaining state and local business licenses

  • Filing 1 trademark application in 1 class

  • Filing 1 copyright registration

  • eCommerce privacy policies and terms of use

  • Non-disclosure agreement

  • Work-for-hire agreement

  • Rights of publicity release & license


Legal launch packages can also be designed based on the phases of your product development and launch schedule.


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